Property Managers

Reliable and professional we offer a wide range of painting and related services for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Founded over 30 years ago our reputation is based on first class results and customer satisfaction.

property management maintenance

Anti-Slip Coatings

Anti-Slip creates durable slip-resistant surfaces around the home and workplace. That can be applied to most surfaces to significantly reduce the chance of slipping.

Custom Interior and Exterior Painting

Our goal is to provide you the homeowner with unrivaled quality and professional interior painting and refinishing services that will enhance and beautify your personal surroundings. By using only the highest quality materials our staff will perform a professional transformation of any area of the house.

House Washing

The house wash itself is down to good old-fashioned hard work using cleaning solutions and a soft broom to deliver a thorough, but gentle clean to the walls/paint of your property. Our environmentally friendly, highly efficient services perform in any situation, from residential to heavy-duty industrial or commercial buildings. Ideal to improve the presentation of a property for sale or to maximize the life of your paint job.

Roof Repair & Painting

Have you noticed water stains on your interior ceilings? Quite possibly there is a cracked tile or lifting roof capping that is letting in water. We can inspect, repair or replace damaged tiles and even rebed roof-capping where necessary. The outcome can be further improved by applying a roof membrane or external paint in a wide range of colors.

Spray Painting

We offer airless spraying and high volume, low pressure (HVLP) spraying.

Texture Coating

A range of texture coating finishes are available for residential and commercial/industrial application ranging from “very fine” to “chunky”.

Water Pressure Cleaning

Whether the driveway needs to be cleaned to remove slippery mess and mold, or the house is covered in cobwebs or grime, we can make it sparkle again.


Our waterproofing coatings and membranes are available for a wide range of applications including pre-tiling waterproofing, water stops, and general protection from water and chemicals.